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Admitting Information

Accepted Insurances

The Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Department is available to assist patients and/or their family members and answer any questions regarding registration or pre-admission information.

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The Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Department wants to ensure that each patient's hospital visit is as comfortable as possible and that all patients receive the best possible care. This guide offers information to facilitate the admission and pre-admission processes.  

Hospital admissions and billing processes can sometimes be confusing. A review of this information will help.  If there is anything else the hospital staff can do to help, please ask.

Insurance review
Before registering for admission to the hospital, patients should review their health-plan booklets and contact their health plans to clarify specific benefits and/or requirements. This would include pre-certification.  To protect patients from having their bills denied for failure to pre-certify, it is essential that patients determine if their health plan requires pre-certification. If so, patients should follow through with the health plan. Failure to do so may result in the patient having to pay for the entire bill.

Insurance card and identification
It's important that patients bring their current health-insurance cards and a photo identification with them when registering. 

Patients are asked to sign a variety of forms. These include a form regarding the release of medical records to the patient's insurer and another assigning insurance benefits to the hospital.  Patients are also asked to sign forms indicating they have been provided information about the hospital-privacy and advance-directive policies.

Advance directives
Not everyone needs to refer to their written advance directive, but it is very important to have one in your medical record.  Please ask your Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Representative for a sample so that you may discuss with your loved ones what medical measures you wish taken, or not, in the event you are not able to make or communicate your decisions.

For most scheduled procedures patients are pre-admitted by telephone. Most paperwork is taken care of at this stage. However, when pre-admitted patients arrive at the hospital, they should present themselves to the Lodi Memorial Hospital Admissions Department Staff for wrist bands and last-minute details.

Deductibles and co-payments
Based on your insurance, the hospital collects deductibles and co-pay deposits at time of registration.