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What is a hospitalist?
Hospital-medicine doctorsí, or a hospitalistís, role in hospitals is to manage the care of the patient while the patient is in the hospital. Full-time hospitalists generally do not have private practices and do not continue to care for patients once they are discharged from the hospital. There are about 30,000 hospitalist physicians working in United States hospitals. Hospitalists manage the acute care of patients while patients are in the hospital in about 70 percent of all U.S. hospitals. Most hospitalists are internal-medicine physicians who are acute, primary-care specialists.

Hospitalists manage the acute care of patients within the hospital. In doing so, hospitalists facilitate and expedite the care of patients within the hospital setting. Hospitalists ensure patientsí needs are met in a timely manner. Because hospitalists are on duty and on hospital premises 24 hours a day, they are fully available to patients from admission to discharge. Because the hospitalist is on site, medical complications are reduced, length of stay is reduced, and the cost of providing care is reduced.

How it works at Lodi Memorial Hospital
Physicians serving as hospitalists manage the care of all unassigned patients who are admitted through the hospitalís emergency department. They may also manage the care of patients whose regular doctors have asked the hospitalist to manage the care of their patients while their patients are in the hospital.

How to reach the Lodi Memorial Hospital hospitalist
The hospitalist physician has an office in the hospitalís main facility and can be reached by calling 209-339-7639.

Patients who have been hospitalized and received hospitalist care will receive a bill from TeamHealth, the hospitalist medical group. This is in addition to the hospital bill.

LMH hospitalist physicians
Rod Felber, DO, medical director
Ye Aung, MD
Ed Chang, MD
Timothy Hendrickson, DO
Min Hlaing, MD
Jeremy Law, MD
Nanying Li, MD
Htay Minn, MD
Kuljeet Multani, MD
Bao Nguyen, MD
Truong Quach, MD
Rehan Qureshi, MD
Kelly Savage, DO
Beien Shi, MD
Michael Shye, MD
Aaron Tran, MD
Roham Vatanparast, MD

For more information about hospitalist physicians, visit the Society of Hospital Medicine, www.hospitalmedicine.org