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Exceptional Employees

ICU RN sets the “ECCO” bar

Ken Quach

Ken Quach is very determined. When he could not get a job as a new grad, he commuted three hours from Antioch to Fresno to get experience. Then LMH’s PTU hired him to help open the new unit in February 2010. When a position opened in ICU, he transferred there, where he has grown into a knowledgeable and skilled ICU RN. Ken surprises people because he appears very quiet upon first meeting. But after a bit, one finds out that he is extremely funny. During his interview for the ICU position, he answered, “chocolate” to a question about nursing care. The interview panel looked at each other, confused. Turns out there was a sign on the recruiter’s desk that said, “Whatever the question, chocolate is the answer.” We had a great laugh, and he got the job. He and 25 other ICU and PTU RNs enrolled in the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) Essentials of Critical Care Nursing (ECCO) online course last September and have been diligently working on completing the 80 hours of challenging content. Ken was the first of the group to complete the course and pass the CCRN exam. Congratulations, Ken, for the dedication the pursuit of the CCRN specialty certification shows. CCRN specialty certification was introduced in 1976 for nurses working at the bedside providing care to acutely and/or critically ill patients. Certification is an important indicator to patients and employers that a nurse is qualified, competent and has met rigorous requirements to achieve this additional credential in the complex specialty of critical care.